For Buyers and Sellers

Selling Your Home?
When selling a house sometimes you start to feel beat up in the negotiation process. And when radon is an issue one can tend to see it as just more money out the window.
To help, we keep our testing and radon reduction system prices affordable. And we can arrange to accept payment at closing.
We always encourage our clients who are moving to check their next house for elevated radon levels, before they buy.

Buying A Home?
Many people are nervous about buying a home with an elevated level of radon. However, in most homes, radon levels are easy to reduce.
Installing a radon reduction system is a one time fix that permanently solves the problem. Often times we can reduce the radon to less than the average outdoor level.
The fans we use have a 5 year warranty but typically run for 20 + years. They work 24 hours a day to constantly reduce radon levels, and only use as much electricity as a 40 watt light bulb.
Don’t worry about the noise. The current generation of radon fans are very quiet, and we locate the fans in attics or outside where you won’t hear them.