What Our Customers Say

  • “I really appreciated your honesty and integrity. Thanks for the great job!” Gayle G. – Laredo Dr. – Billings
  • “From 3.4 to .9 is great!!! Thanks for the great and courteous service. I will recommend you guys to anyone.”
    Jerry H. – Glee Pl. – Billings
  • “You guys did great work, and I noticed I sleep better because it seems that the system has taken away some mold and moisture from under the house. Thanks a million!”
    Virginia S. – Broadwater Ave. – Billings
  • “Very nice work. A really good looking install! A zero radon reading now!”
    Bill & Pam C. – Golf Course Rd. – Laurel
  • “Thanks for coming clear to Red Lodge and taking care of this so quickly. I appreciate the great service!”
    Lee N. – Hwy 212 – Red Lodge
  • “You did a real nice job. We enjoyed working with you.”
    Myron & Gloria R. – Golden Ln. – Billings
  • “The most recent test looks good. The bigger fan is doing the job. Thanks again.”
    Roy B. – Arbor Hills Dr. – Billings Heights
  • “Great job on the installation, and it was really nice working with you both.”
    John P. – Dixon St. – Billings
  • “You guys put in a long day and did a great job! We’ll tell our neighbors to call you and have their homes tested. Thanks a lot for the good work!”
    Terry R. & Charlie H. – Kinkaid Rd. – Briarwood
  • “Nice job on the installation. We appreciate knowing that the levels our low for our family’s sake.”
    Trevor K. – Iristan Ln. – Billings Heights
  • “You did really nice work. Thanks for working with me on the installation by putting it where I wanted it. You guys are great to work with.”
    Carl B. – Nasturtium Dr. – Billings Heights

.. and many, many more! We are determined never to have an unsatisfied customer! Let us show you what we can do. Test your home today!